About Iron Up Sports NZ

Iron up sport is about 'Iron sharpens iron', which means to sharpen our skills, build character, be mentored or mentor others, to be the greatest version of ourselves.

Our goal is to educate, equip and empower the next generation with the tools, mindset coaching and the principles to help them achieve their goals in sport and in life. 

 We follow four main pillars which are the backbone to everything we do and educate:


Each of these pillars are present throughout all our training sessions. We teach our athletes not just about physical movement, but how to be an all rounder in sport and life. During our training sessions we work on key fundamentals such as: sprinting mechanics, footwork, change of direction, core stability, goal setting and more. These skills can be translated to everyday life making them feel, healthier, more confident in themselves and fitter or use it in their chosen sport. 

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