What We Do

Athletic Development

The ultimate high-performance training program for junior athletes. Our program implements four main pillars for a well-rounded athlete: Movement, Mindset, Nutrition and Recovery

  • Advanced movement techniques and patterns
  • Mental preparation for game time
  • Nutritional strategies specific to their sport

Elite recovery techniques

Young boy running - athletic development training

Tackle Domination

In one session, parents have seen MASSIVE improvements in tackling from their kids. Our Tackle Domination is a proven system for safe and effective tackles. We break it down into 3 components – Pre-tackle, Contact and Finisher. We turn your athlete into a tackling machine!

Young boys grappling - tackle domination

Preseason and Outwork Training

We offer in-season and preseason training for our athletes.

Preseason Training

Upskill your athlete during summer time with our preseason training which runs for 14 weeks November – February. We train throughout January holidays so your athlete is ready to dominate their chosen sport for the season ahead.


“If you don’t use it, you lose it,” so if you do not expose yourself to top speed, then you lose speed or never get faster. Keep training speed through out the season to maintain/grow your performance in sport. In-season is a different cycle of intensity for performance maintenance and injury prevention.

Group of children on sand dunes - preseason sports training

Holiday Programs / Clinics

During the term breaks we bring through exciting programs and clinics. Be on the look out for our sports camps, sprint clinics, league and tackle clinics.

Kids on School holiday programs for sports training

Private Sessions

Doesn’t matter the sport, our coaches are qualified trainers, and can customize a program for your needs. We offer both individual or group/team private sessions.

Personal trainer with kids doing exercises

Kids sponge everything and being around like minded children all on the same journey. The coaches are awesome. My kids have had a break but always ask mum is this the week we go back? It made a huge impact on there life about coming out of there shell as well as the obvious, athletics . Love interacting more with others. Confidence is up there as well. Look forward to bringing kids back. Highly recommend Iron up sports.

Mah Ratumu

Iron up sports has changed and challenged our son and daughter in the best possible ways. Valentino has helped our son become more technically minded, and has inspired him to dig deep, set and beat personal goals. Our previously introvert daughter has benefitted in her confidence as well as her physical and mental development. She now wants to take part in sports she originally shied away from. We have noticed not only sporting progress beyond our expectations but also their education benefitting (Both kids got principle awards last term). Valentino and Mike are fantastic role models and inspire the best out of the attending athletes - Offering every age, skill level and ability, time and knowledge to better young athletes lives.

Tusai Bayley

My daughter has gained so much from iron up. Not only a significant improvement in her speed and fitness level but also in her self confidence. She loves the challenging environment which makes her test her self belief/endurance and the opportunity to push herself to the limits.

Michelle Kim-Davies

I was looking for an elite fitness program to keep my 9 year old fit out of his sports season, we were absolutely thrilled with the results, not only with his physical changes but mentally stronger as well which we all know is just as important. We will be back 100%

Maria Bain

Tino and his teams encouragement, understanding and patience has given my son the skills and more importantly, the confidence to participate in sport within his school. His goal is to play (touch) rugby, and this programme has been an amazing foundation to help him achieve his goal.

Thanks so much Valentino and team, simply AMAZING!!!!

Nikita Nuku